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Gameface Media is at the forefront of digital engagement for amateur athletes. Gameface Media offers a range of photography solutions for athletes including photos for sale at major marathons through MarathonFoto and free digital photos at many smaller events across the country. Six Minute Mile, a fitness news and inspirational newsletter, has become the fastest growing endurance sports newsletter in the country with over 200k subscribers.


Gameface Media is the world’s leading publisher of free amateur athletic photos. The company provides marketers with the opportunity to deliver highly compelling and personalized content to amateur athletes around the world. The company provides branded photos of athletes participating in obstacle races, triathlons, running races and other athletic events for free. The company’s marketing services routinely deliver significantly higher levels of engagement than standard ad formats. Major global companies like Nike, Reebok, Jeep, JP Morgan Chase and Anheuser Busch have leveraged Gameface’s photos to achieve a wide range of marketing objectives, including driving traffic to a specific website, generating email opt-ins for brand communications, and creating social media buzz.

MarathonFoto covers more Abbott World Marathon Majors than any other photography company in the world. For more than 35 years, MarathonFoto has been synonymous with high quality photography services for its event clients and amateur athlete customers. MarathonFoto has been part of Iconic Group, Inc. for the past several years. Iconic Group will continue to provide graduation photography services to colleges and high schools, while it has transferred the assets of MarathonFoto into a new legal entity as part of the combination with Gameface Media.

Six Minute Mile is a twice weekly email blast bringing you news, ideas, inspirational stories, and special deals for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to be the training buddy who never preaches or rambles about themselves, but who cracks a joke and gives you the perfectly timed fist bump to keep you rolling.