About Us


Our vision is to take professional sports photography of amateur athletes to a new level with high quality, engaging photos. We capture the memorable moments of your life while making them easy to find, share, and curate.

Gameface also enables brands to make a deep connection with event athletes by providing free photos of them participating in obstacle races, triathlons, running races, golf, skiing, and youth sports. Our social media technology drives athletes to an advertiser’s website or Facebook page where they may be greeted with customized offers aimed at immediate conversion of these visitors into customers. The photos, branded with the company’s logo, may be downloaded, saved, and shared on social media outlets at no cost to the athlete.

Because Gameface Media provides all of the technology and professional photography services that enable this experience, the brand company is not required to send printed promotional materials, tents, staff, or samples to the event site.

Gameface was founded by athletes for athletes. We recognized that there was a fundamental issue with the product of amateur event photography, and set out to change the way the business works.  Since our humble beginnings in 2013, we have published 50 million free, downloadable photos of more than 6 million athletes and have been chosen by some of the best races in the world to provide their athletes with quality photographs.

We truly hope you will enjoy the fruits of our team’s labor as much as we revel in the quest of capturing amateur athletes all over the world accomplishing their dreams and goals and creating a memory that will be cherished and shared for years to come.

Welcome to Gameface.